I stood there studying this stranger in the mirror, this unknown woman with a concoction of blood and tears streaming down her face. Marshall leaned in to kiss my swelled cheek saying. ”I love you so much..... Please give me another chance ....Please say something...say anything. Please Dannielle.”

 “What happened to me?" I asked myself as I squinted through blood shot, swollen shut eyelids. "Who are you?  Who is this woman in the mirror?” "What could I have done so badly in my life that I could have been led to this point?"

The only thing I could muster out of my overlapped lips to spit out was, “Would you please give me 10 minutes to clean myself up? I promise I will be out if you give me a minute. It was like looking into the eyes of the devil himself.  There was so much rage and hatred, with just the right pinch of kindness. "Ok sweetheart...10 minutes... I will be back to check on you."

As he walked through the hollow opening of where the door used to be, Marshall Glared back one last time. "Can I get you anything?“ "No thank you.” I turned to re-look at the strange woman in the mirror. It was so scary. Where there was once joy, and sorrow resided. Where there was once laughter, sadness lived.

All of a sudden, Marshall ran into the bathroom. "The cops are here, hurry up and get into the shower and if you yell, scream or think about telling them what happened.  I promise... I WILL KILL YOU!" Marshall worked fast to pick the door up off of the floor and brace it against the frame as to give the illusion that the door had never been knocked down. I moved swiftly toward the tub as fast as my injured body would allow. Struggling to bend down and turn on the showerhead. As I peeled the clothes that I had on off, they were blood stained, that reeked of bodily fluids lost from fear.  I inched myself into the shower. I could faintly hear the voices so distant in the living room.

Just then a knock came at the bathroom door. "Maam, are you ok?“ Was the unknown voice questioning on the other side of the door. "Maam are you ok?" the voice repeated. I managed to squeeze out a painful, "yes... Who is that?

"This is Officer Monroe Maam, we received a call about a disturbance coming from this apartment. Maam, we need to check to see if you are alright. Would you mind coming out just so we can take a look at you for ourselves?"

Would you give me a minute officer?” I responded. As I stood under the shower, water cascading from the base of my head rinsing away the blood and the urine. Pure fear raced through my veins. "What am I going to do?" I asked myself.  This man is going to kill me AND my kids if I go out here and the cops see my condition.“

Tap...Tap...Tap…"Maam?”  Officer Monroe said. We are going to have to come in if you don't come out.  We need to see you, your time is up!

Domestic abuse is on the rise for the nations leading cause of death. 1 out of every 5th person is in an abusive relationship and out of those 5 persons, 1 ends up dead.  The story that you read above is actually a page from my past.  I was delivered from this abusive relationship. I am a survivor, but the reality in this story is that it can end either way. For me it was deliverance. For another person, It  is death. There comes a defining moment in the lives of every man, woman and child that we will come to a cross road in our lives.  It’s called “Get right Blvd” and “A sure way to Death Avenue”. Both roads that lead you through out your journey in life... each road impacting your soul & mind affecting everything around you, as you tread the pavements with choices and beliefs. What you feel on the inside will attract your surroundings on the outside. Nothing will matter on the outside if the inside of you is hurting, bruised, worn down, depressed, abused.

Every step that you make in life is the molding of who you were called to be. No situation is too great for you to feel like you can not go down the ‘Get right Blvd’. Life WILL have adversities but failure is not an option. Your trials will come but they come to make you a stronger vessel. Even through the tears... Be encouraged...YOU choose the paths life takes you through; and if you find yourself going down “A sure way to death Avenue”.  Call for help!!!

Never forget that your steps have been ordered. The key is to first believe that you can and will walk it!

The difference in being a victim and remaining a victim is YOU!